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Hi, I'm Shane Vaughn,
a Mississipi Preacher who came to be Professor Toto



A native of New Orleans, La and now a proud citizen of the State of Mississippi. I serve a small congregation in Waveland, Ms as their Pastor, First Harvest Ministries. As a father of three sons and proud husband of Karen, I strive to live the American dream and more importantly, leave that dream behind for my progeny.


I began full-time ministry as an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ at the young age of 16 years old. Recently celebrating 30 years of full-time ministry I came to desire to learn more about the great gift given to me at my birth, American citizenship. As a natural-born citizen of this great Republic, like so many others, I took this privilege for granted. However, the more I began to study our founding principles and doctrines and documents, I became immersed in understanding this great experiment called the Republic, for which we stand. 

During the 2020 Presidential election season, as Donald John Trump was fighting the darkness of the liberal left of America's swampland in Washington, Dc I became immersed in that process.  Immediately after the November election, we had a contested election, a rare American occurrence. I was surprised at how quickly our citizens accepted as final the outcome of that election. As fate would have it, I turned on my LIVE video on Facebook and spent 7 minutes educating America on "What Happens If Donald Trump Does Not Concede." So few understood that our Presidential elections are technically not decided by our individual votes but rather by the House of Representatives in the US Congress. And that decision is not rendered officially until January 6th. The Video Went Viral Overnight !!!

Over 10 Million views in a matter of days via Social Media as well as Youtube. It was from this pivotal moment that news organizations began to write about me and my interpretation of the Constitution, all of which came to fruition as we taught in that video, the election was officially decided on January 6th. During this time, I found myself pulling back the curtains on the US process of government and I found this comparable to the small puppy in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, his name was Toto. He saw the shadows behind the curtain and his actions would reveal the lies of the smokescreen being presented by the fake Wizard. From this concept, I began referring to my political persona as Professor Toto and the rest has become successful history. 


To Educate & Restore The Republic

Education is the most powerful weapon against tyranny and Democracy. Shortly after the unparalleled success and creation of Professor Toto, we created The Conservative College (Our Educational Arm) as well as Toto's Army Of Patriots (our Organizational Arm.) One lecture that Professor Toto gave became an overnight viral video as well, it is termed "America 101" ... this class opened the understanding of so many Americans as to the deception that has been taught to us by the left concerning our being a Democracy. When we pulled the curtains back we found out that we as a nation are anything but a democracy. 

As we grow in our mission we are finding that even more than organization, our great Republic, and our Patriots are lacking in a TRUE UNDERSTANDING of the cause for which we are fighting. Professor Toto, The Conservative College, and Toto's Army of Patriots exist to remove this lack of knowledge and to train a new generation in the old concepts of our GREAT REPUBLIC.

We accomplish this through nightly LIVE classes via our website as well as YOUTUBE LIVE and FACEBOOK LIVE. Monday through Thursday @ 8 Central. We accomplish our goal through a daily newsletter with calls to action on behalf of our Republic. We further accomplish this goal through our traveling "Revival Of The Republic" meetings across the United States in rented halls and auditoriums. Finally, we accomplish this goal through our new project known as T.A.P.s International (details to be revealed at Toto's Retreat in Guntersville, Alabama, Sept 26-29) T.A.P.s International will be a game-changer for our nation and our Patriots. 

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