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Class Outline 3/10/22 "The BioLabs of Ukraine"

Here is the LINK to the full class video


Here is the outline and minute marks of today's class and the items discussed

18 Minute Mark - President Trumps Emergency Airplane Landing

Thank Yahweh that our President landed safely in New Orleans after an unusual malfunction of his plane.

20:15 Mark - Victory in Texas

17% of the mail in ballots in Texas have been deemed illegal in the upcoming Midterm elections as they should be. This is what happens when rules are followed and the process matters, this is truly a conservative idea

23:06 Mark - Update on Taps America

Taps America has collected $250,000 to distribute to TRUMP ENDORSED candidates in the upcoming midterms. To donate go to

25:20 Mark - Exciting News from United Airlines

After asinine mask mandates and a very strict policy regarding mask mandates and vaccine mandates. The lawsuits are beginning to roll in and now they have rescinded and are recalling their employees

26:48 Mark - Great News from Massachusetts

The state admits they have drastically overblown their Covid 19 death numbers.

28:05 Mark - Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump have something in common that brought and will bring them to sweeping electoral victories in America

7% Inflation is the magic number for massive victories for the Republican party.



Todays Monologue: "Biolabs in Ukraine"

Putin - normally he is very predictable but now everyone has said "something is changing in Putin," Some say because of Covid he has turned into an unpredictable recluse.

Let me explain Putin to you, he was an officer with one of the most ruthless intelligence agencies in the history of the world, the KGB. This is where he was trained to be a professional liar and deceiver. When you are trained in intelligence you are being trained to out lie the other liar.

Vladimir, unlike any other world leader, is a trained deceiver. That was his job to out lie to everyone else. Five of the 18 years he was trained to lie was in Dresden, Germany, home to an even more ruthless agency than the KGB. STOSI INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, turning one half of a nation into spies against the other half. His career ended in 1991 when the Soviet Union was breaking up, it is here that Putin enters politics. Why? Because he is an expert timer. The Bear knows WHEN to attack.

Putin is ruthless because he knows how to do more than kill, he knows the right time to kill. Putin has told the world that the breakup of the Soviet was the GREATEST TRAGEDY in world history. If this is his feeling, what does he dream about at night? The RESTORING OF THE USSR. Putin's mandate is to rebuild that greatest tragedy in world history.

He has become the new Czar of Russia. Vladimir never wavers in his worldview. So, the question is WHY NOW? Everyone knows he is not a good guy, he is a violent war criminal, he's the prince of Magog. He was always evil until now when so many people are going into rabbit holes turning him into the good guy. But when you KNOW the Bible truth, you don't need intel.

So why did Putin not move before? Why this moment? Because Putin is crafty and he has bidden his time until the right moment. The moment has to be perfect! To begin this reconstruction of the USSR, to begin the rebuilding of the bear to its former glory, the Russian empire, this is his mission.

But this mission cannot be accomplished with the great Eagle of America not being dependent upon him. He needed Biden to OK the deal with Germany for the oil to flow so that he could get his hooks into Europe and the United States. It is not about killing, it is knowing when to kill. Donald Trump said, "The problem is not that Putin is smart but our leaders are dumb." If we know that Putin is waiting on a propitious moment, the question now becomes, what was that propitious moment exactly? The moment happened on both sides of the Atlantic, Europe, and America to fall into his environmental climate change gobbly gook. He needed Soros and Gretta Thornburg and Bernie Sanders to convince the world to quit producing oil. He needed his chirpers of lies on both sides of the ocean to prepare both sides to quit producing oil. He needed the right moment, the moment of strike. He needed climate change to scare the world while he produces the oil.

While we are trying to save the planet he is winning. He needed the world to buy into climate change. He needed Joe Biden to roll back Trump's energy independence. Trump was a Savior for America. NOT THE SAVIOR but a SAVIOR. He was saving us from that propitious moment of Putin's fantasies. America is an Israelite descended nation and Yahweh raised up a man named Trump to delay the plans of Putin. Under Trump, we came out from under Putin's control. If Trump was President right now, Ukraine would not have one dead child in it now because we would be free and able to help Ukraine. Now Europe and America begging Russia for oil.

We gave up our power, Joe Biden you are a traitor to this nation as you make America beg. You are more concerned about AOC than you are you and me. Impeach Biden for Treason, you are the reason for every dead child in Ukraine.

So what does this all have to do with BIOLABS? You need a PUTIN understanding before you can understand BIOLABS. You cannot understand chapter two without chapter One.

No one knows all the truth no matter who sends you video clips and soundbites. YES, OUR GOVERNMENT LIED TO US about Biolabs in Ukraine. But what is new? What was Watergate? What were the Clinton scandals? Government lies !!!! What is new about State Secrets?

What is Patriotism now? Loyalty to God and Country - so which country are we going to believe? RUSSIA and CHINA or America? What does this all do to the idea of Patriotism? Who do we believe? THEY ALL LIE !!!!

We do have Biolabs in Ukraine but we have them all over the world for a reason !!! Let's fast forward twenty years after a Biological war. What would be saying then? "Why didn't America do more Biological research and why were we not more prepared?? Now we say in the present "We should not be involved in Biological research." I am not sure that you and I are supposed to know the workings of all of these state secrets. After all, IF WE KNOW then THE ENEMIES KNOW. So how much are we entitled to know?

We all think WE KNOW the truth but the truth is WE DON'T KNOW !!! Therefore we have to choose our Patriotism and where our Political loyalties lie. CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? I am not sure that we could. I am sure if we knew the depths of evil mankind and our governments are possible of, it would probably disillusion all of us. You and I are not intelligence agents. So at this point. I have to choose my Patriotism; Do I believe in Russian Propaganda, Chinese Propaganda or American?

This BIOLABS after all was there under President Trump. Where they were not evil while He was President. Is it possible that they were there for real research? Do we really want everyone to know everything?

There are 4 levels of Biolabs. Russia has plenty of level 4 labs. The level that Ukraine has is level 3 which is not as deadly as level 4 in Russia. At the end of the day, you and I know nothing about many of these things. Although we have never been to Russia or Ukraine, we think we are espionage experts. Since we have NO IDEA who is lying to us worse. This is why you have to choose your Patriotism and stand with AMERICA no matter who her leader is.

Do you think VLADIMIR that he is not LYING and DECEIVING as he is a trained liar? You are ready to trust him now? Donald Trump will return and take care of Putin. Until then I will stand by America and NEVER RUSSIA or CHINA or any enemy of my home.


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